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Bell & Gossett Flow Patterns.

Bell & Gossett Flow Patterns


Bell & Gossett Flow Patterns

GPX Plate heat exchangers

Technical Data

                                   FLOW          FLOW
                               PATTERN      PATTERN

         HOT IN               S1                S1
         HOT OUT           S2               S3
         COLD IN            S3               S2
         COLD OUT        S4               S4

         HOT IN               S3                S2
         HOT OUT           T3               T2
         COLD IN            T2               T3
         COLD OUT        S2               S3

         HOT IN               T3               T2
         HOT OUT           S4               S4
         COLD IN            S1                S1
         COLD OUT        T2               T3


NOTE 1:   For multi section or other arrangement, consult factory.
NOTE 2:  Connection locations indicated are shown as typical but may not represent all installations.
                If dimensions and connection locations are needed for prepiping layout, write for certified prints



UNITS:     GPX 34 (OBSOLETE, EFF. 9/97)
                GPX 130 (OBSOLETE)
                GPX 258 (OBSOLETE

UNITS :     GPX 84P      GPX 807
                 GPX 151        GPX 850
                 GPX 161        GPX 850B (OBSOLETE)
                 GPX 237      GPX 915
                 GPX 258B   GPX 1152
                 GPX 538     GPX 1614
                 GPX 646     GPX 1700 (OBSOLETE)
                 GPX 678     GPX 1980

NOTE 1:   All units are only offered in the flow pattern indicated.
NOTE 2:  Flow directional arrows are typical for single pass and may not represent all installations.
                If dimensions and connection locations are needed for prepiping layout, write for certified prints.

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As a heat exchanger becomes fouled with dirt, debris or scale, often the modulating valve provides additional hot or cold liquid to help compensate for the loss of efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Over time the control valve will continue to open fully. Unfortunately, on the hottest or coldest days, even with the valve fully open the heat exchanger cannot meet the thermal transfer requirements and the situation becomes critical.

Monitoring just the operating temperature provides a false sense of security. Recording the difference in the outlet and inlet pressures provides a more accurate result of the amount of fouling.

Fouling equal to the thickness of a piece of paper represents a 20% loss of thermal efficiency. In addition, the energy cost for pumps increases since the pump must work harder to overcome the increased pressure resistance through the PHE

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Today there are fewer qualified people in this industry that know the products and understand the applications. Utilizing hands on experience and knowledge that has been gained by our THS sales and service technicians for over the past 30 years, we will take the time to understand what you require and strive to provide a prompt, educated and accurate response at a competitive price.

Our Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services, along with heat exchanger gasket replacement systems, and knowledge of heat exchanger gasket materials make THS your Industrial Heat Exchanger Service Solution

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