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Technical Information

THS Reference Data.


Baffle Styles, Shell & Tube Nomenclature Styles

254 KB


Pass Designs (1 & 4 Pass)

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Measurement of Shell & Tube

Custom Fabricated Tube Bundle Data Sheet

208 KB


Slip On, Socket Weld, Blind, Threaded, Lap Joint, Weld Neck

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Flange Bolt and Screw Sizing Chart for 2" - 20" Butterfly Valves

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Water Flow Through Schedule 40 Steel Pipe

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BrazePak Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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The Selection and Use of Titanium - A Design Guide

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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

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Ontario service representative for Armstrong Plate & Frame and Shell & Tube Exchangers.

Ontario service representative for Caron et files Custom Industrial Heat Exchangers, Heater Coils, Steam Unit Heaters

Ontario service representative for Bray Butterfly Valves, Bray Ball Valves, Bray Check Valves, Bray Knife Gate Valves, Bray Actuators – Electric, Manual & Pneumatic Solenoids

Ontario service representative for Puroflux line of Permanent Media Filters, Centrifugal Separators and Disc Filters.

Ontario service representative for Filter Solutions Inc. line of Magnetic Separators, Bag and Cartridge Housings and Wedge Wire Filters & Strainers.

Ontario service representative for REOTEMP Instruments line of Pressure Gauges, Bi-Metal Thermometers and RTDs

Ontario service representative for Clearstream Filters line of Self-Cleaning Indexing Media Filters and Custom Filter Bags

Ontario service representative for Xylem, Bell & Gossett Plate & Frame and Shell & Tube Exchangers. Ontario Service representative for TTP (API Heat Transfer Company) Oil Coolers.

Ontario Service representative for SWEP (A Dover Company) Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.

Ontario Service representative for Kelvion Brazed Heat Exchangers, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, and Shell & Tube Heat Heat Exchangers.

Designing and manufacturing Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Finned Tube Coils, Heavy Machinery Equipment Coolers and a Wide Range of Unit Heater options for process control, energy recuperation, tank heating, factory, corrosive and dusty environments, compressor oil coolers, hydraulic systems, forestry and mining machinery.

Performing annual preventive maintenance on the mechanical components of a cooling tower will ensure the longevity of the equipment and optimal performance of the cooling tower.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team supplies complete, repair and preventive maintenance options for your Oil Cooler Service Cleaning needs.

Whether you are a cooling tower service contractor or a facility owner who services their own equipment, using T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team as your partner will give you good value and cost savings.

OEM parts for Oil cooler compressors. Including custom fabricated aluminum radiators in Toronto Ontario. Along with OEM parts for custom fabricated condensers.

Our Oil Cooler Service Cleaning Ontario solutions are pivotal to your custom applications.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team provides all the necessary services for designing (thermal and structural), procuring, and installing new cooling towers.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team offers both packaged towers for commercial applications as well as field-installed towers for larger, industrial applications.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team has the necessary thermal performance evaluation tools to select the cooling tower design that maximizes the thermal performance offered while satisfying space, economic, and environmental requirements associated with the project.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team employs full-time, experienced and competent field labor to safely and efficiently assemble the field-installed cooling towers per the details of the approved construction drawings.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team actively works together with our customers to ensure that every aspect of the new tower installation is performed per the customer’s safety guidelines and completed per the agreed upon construction schedule.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team can provide a full thermal evaluation of your cooling tower’s thermal performance and recommend options for improving performance.

The thermal performance evaluation begins with establishing a Baseline performance level which is the original performance of the cooling tower.

T. H. Industrial Solutions (THS) Cooling Tower Service Team will then establish a predicted level of performance at which the tower currently operates.

The comparison of the original and the current level of thermal capacity provides a clear indication of the amount of thermal degradation that has occurred over the operating life of the tower.

Then multiple performance upgrade options will be offered with specific improvement levels and associated costs.

All data is presented clearly and logically and tailored to each customer's specific needs so that you can make an informed decision.

T.H. Industrial Solutions Inc. (THS) has been servicing industrial plate and frame heat exchangers as with shell and tube heat exchangers.  Professionally solving process problems across Canada since 2009. THS head office is located in Pickering, Ontario with a 6,000 square foot service center in Hamilton, Ontario.

Today there are fewer qualified people in this industry that know the products and understand the applications. Utilizing hands on experience and knowledge that has been gained by our THS sales and service technicians for over the past 30 years, we will take the time to understand what you require and strive to provide a prompt, educated and accurate response at a competitive price.

Our Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services, along with heat exchanger gasket replacement systems, and knowledge of heat exchanger gasket materials make THS your Industrial Heat Exchanger Service Solution

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