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Positive Material Identification

Portable Metal Analysis.

Trained THS service technicians will provide rapid alloy identification using a Portable Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 100G XRF Analyzer on or off site.
The Niton XL2 provides immediate nondestructive chemical analysis of common alloy materials with unparalleled accuracy. Verification certificates are generated and provided with every analysis.

Portable Metal Analysis – Positive Material Identification
Portable Metal Analysis in action
Niton XL2 100G SS - Service
Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 100G XRF Analyzer
Niton XL2 100G SS - DISPLAY

Our Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 analyzers provide THS Service many advantages:

  • Precise elemental analysis of alloy materials
  • From turn on to trigger pull to near instantaneous results
  • Rugged design for the most challenging industrial environments
  • Completely nondestructive test

T.H. Industrial Solutions Inc. (THS) has been servicing industrial plate and frame heat exchangers as with shell and tube heat exchangers.  Professionally solving process problems across Canada since 2009. THS head office is located in Pickering, Ontario with a 6,000 square foot service center in Hamilton, Ontario.

Today there are fewer qualified people in this industry that know the products and understand the applications. Utilizing hands on experience and knowledge that has been gained by our THS sales and service technicians for over the past 30 years, we will take the time to understand what you require and strive to provide a prompt, educated and accurate response at a competitive price.

Our Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services, along with heat exchanger gasket replacement systems, and knowledge of heat exchanger gasket materials make THS your Industrial Heat Exchanger Service Solution

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