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Industry Leaders.

T.H. Industrial Solutions is pleased to represent the below reputable industry leaders. Each of these companies manufacture superior products and stand behind the value and quality of each and every product with confidence.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

“With over 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known around the world as a leader and innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid-flow equipment.”

THS has been a factory approved service provider for Armstrong Fluid Technology since 2009. Service technicians are qualified and authorized to conduct field services including assembly, commissioning and repair services which require specialized knowledge, skills and equipment on behalf of Armstrong Fluid Technology.

Custom Industrial Heat Exchangers 
Custom Unit Heater Coils 
Custom Steam Unit Heaters 

“Caron et fils designs, manufactures, reconditions and maintains industrial heat exchangers. Its full range of specialized services include design and construction of new custom products, preventative maintenance and reconditioning.”

Butterfly Valves
Ball Valves
Check Valves
Knife Gate Valves
Actuators – Electric, Manual & Pneumatic

“Our goal was to establish Bray as The High Performance Company – high performance based on entrepreneurial vision. Throughout our history Bray has earned a reputation of excellence by creating products of superior value and quality, providing personalized customer service and on-time delivery. The key ingredient has always been a fully integrated product line innovatively engineered to meet the real needs of the process industry.”

Permanent Media Filters
Centrifugal Separators
Disc Filters

“Puroflux has been leading the industry with innovative concepts and products for years. Whatever the requirements, our engineering staff is highly qualified to address every aspect from design to commissioning. Our reputation for excellence in design is unparalleled. In recent years, the demand for more efficient and cost effective designs has increased dramatically. With our strong technological edge we have devoted our resources to define and develop new products to meet these demands.”

Magnetic Separators
Bag and Cartridge Housings
Wedge Wire Filters & Strainers

“Filter Solutions Inc is a leading manufacturer of Bag and Cartridge Housings, Strainers, Separators, and other related filtration equipment. With over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space we utilize the latest welding, plasma and multi-axis water jet equipment in the manufacturing of our products. Filter Solutions uses magnets that have a flux density (magnetic strength) of 12,000 gauss (compared to an ordinary refrigerator magnet of 80 gauss). Magnets are arranged in a non-ferrous tube to produce a large magnetic force resulting in a large magnetic gradient. The result is a magnetic assembly that successfully collects and removes ferrous material from media streams in high collection volumes.”

Pressure Gauges
Bi-Metal Thermometers

“REOTEMP is a globally recognized ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation. REOTEMP sells through a mature distribution network that reaches all 50 states and 30 countries worldwide. We provide bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, RTDs, thermocouples, pressure transmitters, compost thermometers, and related accessories to a variety of process markets worldwide.”

Self-Cleaning Indexing Media Filters
Custom Filter Bags

“Clearstream Filters Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial filtration products for liquid. Clearstream products are sold globally with its largest markets and distribution in Canada and the United States.”

Bell & Gossett BPX Brazed Heat Exchanger
Bell & Gossett a xylem brand

Plate & Frame, Shell & Tube Services

Bell & Gossett Tubes

“Innovative plate design allows GPX heat exchangers to provide more heat transfer using less space. They perform with one-third to one-fifth the surface area of conventional shell and tube heat exchangers designed for the same application.”

TTP Products Tubes
TTP and API Heat Transfer Company

Oil Cooler Service

TTP PHE Products

“TTP - API Heat Transfer includes a broad range of fluid power related heat exchangers (oil-water, oil-air, air-air) utilized in mobile and industrial applications, along with custom engine cooling models.”

T.H. Industrial Solutions Inc. (THS) has been servicing industrial heat exchangers and solving process problems across Canada since 2009. THS head office is located in Pickering, Ontario with a 6,000 square foot service center in Hamilton, Ontario.

Today there are fewer qualified people in this industry that know the products and understand the applications. Utilizing hands on experience and knowledge that has been gained by our THS sales and service technicians for over the past 30 years, we will take the time to understand what you require and strive to provide a prompt, educated and accurate response at a competitive price.

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